Strategy Execution

Five Dysfunctions of a Team. [Patrick Lencioni]


Your Brain at Work.[David Rock]

Strategic Alignment

Engagement is Not Enough. [Keith Ayers]

Inspiring Executives & Teams to Achieve Great Things

a Diverse Range of Executive Capabilities

Experienced executives who have walked in your shoes

Some of the executive and corporate services we deliver for our clients include:

  • Advisory Board Participation
  • Ownership & Managerial Succession Planning
  • Organisational Alignment
  • 'C' Suite positions

Leadership Development

The 8 Dimensions of Leadership. [Sugerman, Scullard, Wilhelm]

What Really Matters

Innovation and creativity comes from the development of break-through thinking


Of course the problem is the more you think about developing creative ideas the less likely you are of such thoughts materialising.

The development of Strategic Thinking in our clients is at the core what Executive Mind & Co does.

Executive Mind & Co is about improving the strategic & competitive abilities of both individuals and organisations alike. We approach the traditional, coaching, strategic planning and consultative problem solving from very different angles. 

Whether this be developing a strategic plan, developing your leadership style, working up a decision or solving complex problems, we take the approach of improving and changing the way executives, senior managers or business owners think.

No future is too big or too small for us, our goal is simply to help create a positive future for all of our clients. 

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About Us

Experience, Credentials, Rigour

The combination of contemporary neuroscience, fifteen years of rigorous research and hands-on experiences in the trenches of business, organisations & management, Executive Mind & Co. offers a powerful approach to developing competitive advantage. Executive Mind's main priority is to be there to develop top and bottom-line benefits to businesses. 

  • Want more than just facilitation of an annual “strategy session’?
  • Want more than the same old 'take my watch and tell me time' consultative approach?
  • Want something that will stay with you for life - wherever you may go?

Then maybe you could give us a call, you have nothing to lose in asking. 

We look forward to meeting you to discuss something very different.